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Welcome to Hospitality Excellence

Grow, strengthen and develop your business

Hospitality Excellence are the largest and fastest growing support organisation for the Irish Hospitality Industry!

Through membership we will help your business by providing technical support, advice, guidance, marketing and events that will help grow, strengthen and develop your business.

Let us help you reach your full potential to grow your business and develop your career!

"Raising the Standards in Food Safety"

Why Join Hospitality Excellence?

International health ratings systems vary dramatically in format, performance and transparency. Our hospitality excellence memberships help you to stand out from the crowd, by offering your customers and stakeholders independently verified confirmation of your establishment’s food safety and environmental management practices.

Unlike existing food safety certification schemes, this program is voluntary and based on regular, unannounced third party audits of your business. It helps shows that you have a genuine interest in customer safety and ensures that owners and managers are aware of potential risks and takes appropriate measures to mitigate them.

“Our vision is to provide the Hospitality Industry in Ireland with support, guidance and networking that will help grow, strengthen and develop your business”

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Food Safety Training Helps Your Business

High standards of hygiene provide the foundations to protect your business against food poisoning, food spoilage, loss of productivity and potential violations of hygiene regulations. In the fight against unhygienic practices, your employees are your key players and must be committed to food safety and trained to carry out these functions.

Hospitality Excellence provides expertise, consulting, training and auditing of a wide range of businesses. We work with all types of organisations within the hospitality sector on what it will take to better serve their customer, guests, clients and employees by meeting and exceeding food hygiene standards.

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Food Safety Training Helps Your Business

We understand what skills, documents and procedures are essential to delivering exceptional hygiene standards and are able to develop strategies for owners, managers and their team to implement serve initiatives, standards and training that will lead to a greater customer reputation and a high score on the door from Environmental Health Officers.

•  Food Safety Systems

•  Quality Management

•  Food Allergens

•  Nutritional Analysis

•  Calorie Counting

•  Training and Auditing

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Join Hospitality Excellence

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